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His Rarity by Aurora-Chiaro

This is very nice. I love the glow in their eyes, it really shows the love present between them! The technique you used for painting Sp...

The Eevee Sitter by Aurora-Chiaro

I absolutely love the colors here! They're very vibrant and bright, and they capture the spirit of pokemon!(Well, at least the competit...

Friendship is magic by husaria-chan

This is very nice! I really like the outfit you gave Pinkie Pie, as it reminds me of summer! I also like the coloring here, too. The sh...

Derpy Hooves by Daedric-Pony

This is a very very nice picture of Derpy! She just looks so happy and cheerful in this picture! I absolutely love the colors you used ...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes today! I greatly appreciate them : )

Today I got a pocket clarinet(chamuleau?). It's quite hippy hehe. I'll be able to finger correctly on this soon. Sadly, the mouthpiece seems to be glued on...

Untitled by Wendy-the-CreeperUntitled by Wendy-the-CreeperUntitled by Wendy-the-Creeper

Untitled by Wendy-the-CreeperUntitled by Wendy-the-Creeper

Not much I can do about that. Have a nice day! Oh, and if you're interested and have the money, why not consider commissioning me? You can find information here!
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-Twilight- by Wendy-the-Creeper
Our cutest princess girl ^-^

I had this quick picture finished yesterday, but I couldn't access dA! In the end, it looks like the issue might be the site is accidentally blocking certain areas and IP addresses. I'm on here using a proxy server, so that's probably the case.

Please enjoy : )

Made with MyPaint, Inkscape, and Krita.
Forest Thing by Wendy-the-Creeper
Forest Thing
What is a XYZ colorspace even? I decided to look at Krita's various support of colorspaces; I've only worked in RGB and CMYK before, so the other ones are like what.

To export, it was converted into a RGB colorspace when I exported as a JPG, so the colors are a little fucked up. I don't think there's really any file format that can support XYZ, but if I'm wrong, someone correct me.

This was just a little speedpaint, and I threw in Fluttershy for good measure.

Commission Info:

Please enjoy : )


Artist | Digital Art
United States
I am Wendy, and I draw things.

Please visit my tumblr as well! There's an art tag!

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Battle Whale Animated by rskrakau
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I am so grateful for the thoughtful birthday wish!! Thank you!!
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Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may this year bring you everything you hope and dream of and remember anything is possible:-)
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Thank you very much Tessie : )
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